Indian Mythology (by ApamNapat)

Vidura - The Wise


Vidura was the son of sage Vyasa and a servant girl of the princess Ambika. Asked to host the Vyasa for a second time (for she had closed her eyes the first time, and the resulting child was born blind), Amba was so disgusted, that she sent her servant girl instead. Since the servant girl was able to fulfill the condition of the penance, she begat a son who was very wise. This is the story of Vidura's birth, told in greater detail here.

He was a very wise man and was learned in all the scriptures. He was an incarnation of the Lord of justice, Dharma (Yama), who had been born as a mortal, thanks to a curse from a sage named Mandavya. He became the chief minister of his brother Pandu, and continued in that capacity to Dhritharashtra, when Pandu retired to the forest. He sought to counteract the excess partiality that Dhritharashtra displayed towards his sons, imploring him to give equal love to his nephews, the Pandavas. He was not always successful in this, though he tried hard.

He looked after the interests of the Pandavas, for they were righteous and would rule the kingdom justly. He was responsible for saving them from a fiery fate in the incident of the house of lac. He did not take part in the great war, for he foresaw the utter destruction of the Kurus.

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