Indian Mythology (by ApamNapat)

Maricha - Demon Slain by Rama


Maricha was originally a Yaksha, the son of Tataka and Sunda. When his father was killed by a curse of the sage Agastya, he tried to attack the sage along with his mother. Both of them were cursed to become demons by that sage. He is a kinsman of the Asura king Ravana. Along with his brother Subahu, he used to disrupt the Vedic rituals conducted by sage Vishwamitra by throwing unclean meat and blood into the oblation fire. Vishwamitra then sought the help of the Kosala princes Rama and Laxmana to guard his sacrifice. When the two Asuras attempted to disrupt the sacrifice, Rama slew Subahu with a divine missile, Maricha escaped, by running away to Lanka.

Later, Ravana enlisted his help to distract Rama and Laxmana from their hermitage (where they were in exile, along with Rama's wife Sita), so that he could abduct Sita. Maricha took the form of a golden stag and pranced in the forest. Sita wanted the stag, so Rama went to capture it. Maricha led Rama on a long chase, and just before being killed by an arrow by Rama, yelled "O Laxmana, O Sita!", in Rama's voice. Sita then sent Laxmana to investigate. He went unwillingly, for he suspected a trick, and asked her to stay within a magical line drawn in the sand. However, she crossed that line to give alms to Ravana, who had disguised himself as a hermit. Once she was out of the protection of that magical line, Ravana abducted her.

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