Indian Mythology (by ApamNapat)

Gandharvas - Master Musicians, Dancers


In Hindu mythology, the Gandharvas are demi-gods, who are somewhat less powerful than the Devas. They are sometimes said to reside in the Swargaloka, but some sources put their abode as Gandharvaloka. Their father is sage Kashyapa and their mother is Arishta, a daughter of Daksha.

They specialize in dance and music, and are also skilled in dark magic. In this respect, they are similar to the Asuras. They often interfere in the affairs of men and appear in many stories as taking part in the wars in the mortal world. They are not immortal, although they lead very long lives. Unlike the Devas, they are not worshipped, and thus do not get part of the Havis sacrificial offerings.

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