Indian Mythology (by ApamNapat)

Dhritharashtra - Father of the Kauravas


Dhritharashtra was the son of the Kashi princess Ambika, through the great sage Vyasa. When his father Vichitraveerya died without any children to succeed him, his mother bore him to Vyasa, acting according to the orders of her mother-in-law Satyavati. She closed her eyes in fright, beholding the terrible form of the great sage, and hence the child conceived, Dhritharashtra, was born blind. Since a blind man could not rule, his younger brother Pandu was crowned king instead. He was crowned king when Pandu went to the forest to lead an austere life (he had to go an exile due to a curse). Later when Pandu died, leaving behind his young children Pandavas, Dhritharashtra continued to rule as the king from his capital city of Hastinapur.

He married Gandhari and through her had hundred sons (the Kauravas). He also had a daughter named Dushala. Dhritharashtra was a very wise man, but his blind affection for his sons, especially his eldest, Duryodhana, resulted in the great war at the battlefield of Kurukshetra, where all his sons were killed, the Pandavas emerging victorious.

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